Wednesday, March 08, 2006

CrossLeft Presents: Part 4 (final) - Delwin Brown (m4a enhanced version)

Welcome to the podcast for the first full week of March, 2006. This week’s podcast is Part 4 (final) of Delwin Brown’s lecture. Many thanks again to the Pacific School of Religion and Dean Brown for sharing this wonderful lecture with us. Remember, you can find links to PSR ( and PSR’s Progressive Christian Witness initiative at the crossleft homepage ( and our podcast host page at

And please note that Dean Brown’s lecture is not covered by the creative commons license that covers the rest of this week’s podcast and this lecture may not be shared beyond the purposes of listening to this podcast without direct permission from the Pacific School of Religion. The lecture is Copyright © 2006 Delwin Brown and is distributed by CrossLeft with the permission of Delwin Brown and Pacific School of Religion.


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