Monday, January 09, 2006

CrossLeft presents: Thurman Hart and Justin Roberts

Welcome to the podcast for the second week of January, 2006, the first show of 2006. Happy New Year! This week, we have the Xpatriated Texan, Thurman Hart, as our featured speaker. Thurman teaches at both Montclair State University and the College of Staten Island. Thurman’s been an evangelical Christian his whole life, though he reports that he’s often struggled with the more common politics of that community. Today’s podcast is a call to action for both progressive Christians and an interreligious progressive moment, a call for progressives from all religious traditions to work together and work for social change. You can find Thurman in several places online, most notably at and and you can learn more about the blogcon at

Our musician this week is Justin Roberts, a good progressive in his own right and a multi-talented and multiple genre musician, is most widely known for his exemplary children’s music. Justin’s music has been lauded by the Los Angeles Times, the New York Times, Sesame Street Parents Magazine and Parents’ Choice, just to name a few. Presented by Justin and his band mate, Liam Davis, under their band name, “Why Not Sea Monsters,” today’s song, “No Spring Chicken” is a part of a collection of songs commissioned by Augsburg Fortress Press to present the stories of the Hebrew Scriptures and the New Testament scriptures in song. And I’d also like to note that today’s song from its lyrics to its incredible musicianship is one of the most beautiful songs I’ve ever heard, bar none. You can find out more about Justin at and you can find his Cds at a music store near you, Barnes & Noble, Amazon and the iTunes Music Store. The "Why Not Sea Monsters" Cds are exclusively available at Land of Nod stores and online at CD Baby. And so, CrossLeft proudly presents this week, Thurman Hart and Justin Roberts.

Please note that Justin’s music is not covered by the creative commons license that covers the rest of this week’s podcast and Justin’s song may not be shared beyond the purposes of listening to this podcast without direct permission from Justin Roberts.

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