Monday, January 30, 2006

CrossLeft Presents: Jo Guldi and Will Burhans

Welcome to the podcast for the last week of January, 2006. This week we are featuring Jo Guldi, a CrossLeft Leadership Team member and Communications Director. A PhD student in History at Berkeley, Jo is a veritable force of nature for the progressive Christian movement and many of us can trace the beginning of our involvement with CrossLeft to a friendly introductory e-mail from Jo. Sliding through cyberspace with the greatest of ease, she has done so much to web together so many of us in common cause with one another, helping us all to connect and thrive in this new community. Jo recently organized the political track at the Via Media "Path to Action" conference on Progressive Christianity at the National Cathedral in Washington, DC. In addition to all that’s she’s done on that front, she is a former Gates Scholar at Trinity College Cambridge, and a graduate of Harvard College, has held numerous fellowships at different research institutions. Her scholarly and political articles have been published widely. She also consults for the Cambridge Security Programme and the Rockridge Institute. Raised a Methodist in Dallas, Texas, she is a member of the Episcopal church in San Francisco. Jo can be found in many places on the web (she practices saintly multi-location), but you can start at, her fascinating blog. A one-woman communications hub, you’ll hear evidence of the throngs of progressive Christians trying to get in touch with her even during today’s podcast. Jo delivers a wonderfully substantive “antimanifesto” in today’s podcast and you’ll find in her words today a synthesis and deep reflection upon, so much of the conversations that have transpired over the past few months in CrossLeft circles.

Our musician this week is again Will Burhans, who’s just released a new CD, absolutely terrific from start to finish. You can find Will and his music at And if you seek him out, let him know that CrossLeft sent you his way. He’ll be glad to hear it.

Many thanks again, to Jo Guldi for her thoughtful words and to Will Burhans for his outstanding music. Remember, you can find links to Jo’s blog and Will’s music in the shownotes on the crossleft homepage ( and our podcast host page at And please note that Will Burhans’ music is not covered by the creative commons license that covers the rest of this week’s podcast and Will’s song may not be shared beyond the purposes of listening to this podcast without direct permission from Will Burhans.


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