Monday, January 23, 2006

CrossLeft presents: Jarrod Cochran and Kevin Kane

Producer's note: A little experimentation this week: I've offered this week's podcast as an "enhanced podcast," which includes artwork and additional features when accessed through iTunes and/or an iPod. Please e-mail me at if you have trouble with this podcast and have not encountered difficulty with earlier CrossLeft podcasts. Thanks!

Welcome to the podcast for the fourth week of January, 2006. This week, we have Jarrod Cochran as our featured speaker. A CrossLeft Leadership Team member, Jarrod is a speaker, writer, activist, and loving critic of the church. An ordained minister, he serves as an associate chaplain for a local Atlanta fire department, and a volunteer chaplain for an organization that helps the homeless and poverty-stricken. Jarrod is no stranger to controversy as he speaks boldly on a myriad of issues ranging from our responsibility to the poor and oppressed to the Christ-centered response to homosexuality. Jarrod is currently working on his first book entitled Letting the Air in: Opening the Door on Closed-Minded Christianity. Jarrod is involved with several faith-based organizations and groups that are concerned with bringing together faith and social change. Jarrod is a member of, and a listed speaker for, the organization Every Church a Peace Church and has also been contacted by minister and author Dr. Tony Campolo to be part of Progressive Evangelicalism, a developing organization that will offer fellow socially progressive believers a place at the table of the religious discussion in America. Jarrod lives in the metro area of Atlanta, Georgia along with his wife Erin. Our musician this week is a personal favorite, Kevin Kane, a folk singer/songwriter from New York City. “Gabrielle” will play in its entirety following our featured speaker, Jarrod Cochran.

Many thanks again, to Jarrod Cochran for his words and to Kevin Kane for his terrific music. Remember you can find links to Jarrod’s blog and Kevin Kane ( in the shownotes on the crossleft homepage ( and our podcast host page at And please note that Kevin’s music is not covered by the creative commons license that covers the rest of this week’s podcast and Kevin’s song may not be shared beyond the purposes of listening to this podcast without direct permission from Kevin Kane.

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Blogger ~Dawn said...

Thank you for being here. Great pod.

5:27 PM  
Blogger carly said...

This guy Kevin is amazing he has a ton of other great songs.....AND plays...hes a playwright who's done a lot of good work...ive read almost all of them.

I love this song i heard and immediately went to

cool website too

7:34 PM  

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