Sunday, December 18, 2005

CrossLeft Presents: The Rev. Tripp Hudgins and the Rev. Tripp Hudgins

Welcome to the show for the third week of December, 2005, the last show for 2005. Surely you didn’t think we could get through the entirety of Advent without an Advent sermon. Well, this week, just in time, in fact, we have one. And we also have something of a one-man show this week as the Rev. Tripp Hudgins delivers our music and is our featured speaker. Otherwise known in the blogosphere as the AngloBaptist, Tripp is the pastor at Church of Jesus Christ, Reconciler (, an ecumenical congregation in Chicago, Illinois. Tripp is a Baptist minister and musician who lives with his wife and their three cats and you can find him online at and you can find his some of his music at Long story on the name, but if you get a chance, do check out the band’s website and if you find yourself in Chicago, try to make one of their shows. And for that matter, try and catch up with Tripp at the Church of Jesus Christ, Reconciler. You won’t be sorry you did. And so this week, CrossLeft proudly presents, the Rev. Tripp Hudgins and the Rev. Tripp Hudgins.

Many thanks again to Tripp for his words and his music. Remember, you can find links to Tripp’s blog and music in the shownotes on our podcast host page at Well, that concludes the 2005 podcast year for CrossLeft. We’ll be taking a short holiday break and will be back in the second week of January of 2006. We trust that in the interim, you will join us in our prayer that 2006 will be filled with the love and justice of our Christ and a new season of peace on earth and in the hearts of humankind. From all of us here at CrossLeft, blessings for the remainder of this Advent season, Merry Christmas and may you each have a very joyous New Year!

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