Sunday, December 04, 2005

CrossLeft presents: Joe G. and Yikes McGee

Welcome to the show for the first week of December, 2005. Our musician this week is Yikes McGee, a folk singer/songwriter from Baltimore, Maryland. Yikes describes his music this way on his website: Quote: I am waging war on right-wing propaganda, by using left-wing propaganda. I am driven to seek an end to the national nightmare, and a trend toward more liberal and progressive policies for peace and justice in the world. Do check out Yikes and his “protest songs for the new millennium” at Our featured speaker this week is Joe G. Host of the Beppe blog and the Beppe podcast. Joe describes himself as a forty-six year old in his fifth year of studies for a PhD in Social Welfare and his blog and podcast offer observations about religion and spirituality, social issues and pop culture from a Quaker and queer perspective. You can find Joe and the Beppeblog at and And so, CrossLeft proudly presents, Joe G. and Yikes McGee.

Many thanks to Yikes McGee for today’s music. Again, you can find out more about Yikes McGee and information about his music at You can find Joe G. and the Beppeblog and Beppecast at and You can also find these links with proper spelling and all that in our show notes on our podcast host page at

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If you are a progressive Christian artist, minister or activist who’d like to be featured on the CrossLeft podcast, please e-mail me at That’s Robb with 2b’s. We’d be happy to oblige!


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