Sunday, November 20, 2005

CrossLeft presents: Landon Whitsett's Ordo and Kevin Kane

Our musician this week is Kevin Kane (, a folk singer/songwriter from New York City. While I’m pretty sure that Kevin wouldn’t consider himself a Christian artist, I haven’t heard a song yet that so closely matches what I imagine our Christ saying himself about the religious right’s use of him as the poster-boy for such a heartless and hate-filled set of domestic and foreign policy agendas. Kevin’s music hails back to an era of music that was more than entertainment, and risked offense with an honest and raw expression and even through healthy helpings of irony and cynicism, served a deeper calling in putting its finger on the hypocrisy inherent in the social order. There’s something in today’s song to make just about anyone uncomfortable, even us progressive Christians. Yeah, just like Jesus. I don’t know, I've just got to say I love this song and I say we need more Kevin Kane’s in this world and we certainly need more Christians who are willing to articulate the vision and spirit of a Jesus who is five foot two and doesn’t have eyes of blue. “Good Ol’ Jesus” will play in its entirety following our featured speaker, the Rev. Landon Whitsett. Living in Louisville, Kentucky, Landon is an ordained Presbyterian minister and serves as a program director of an inter-religious organization in Louisville. Landon serves as host of several interesting web initiatives, including a daily blog, theological writings, music, and podcasts all of which can be found at Today’s episode features the first of Landon’s ongoing series of meditations on Romans.

Many thanks to the Kevin Kane for today’s music and to the Rev. Landon Whitsett for the first in his series of meditations on Romans. You can find out more about Kevin Kane and information about his music at You can find Landon at You can also find these links with proper spelling and all that in our show notes on our podcast host page at

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If you are a progressive Christian artist, minister or activist who’d like to be featured on the CrossLeft podcast, please e-mail me at That’s Robb with 2b’s. We’d be happy to oblige!


Blogger Joe G. said...

Robb & Crossleft,

I'm really enjoying listening to this weekly podcast. It's great to learn about this podcast, New Christian Manifesto, and now Ordo. Plus, the music on ths show & the previous one were great; and I hope to use it on my own podcast (if that's possible). It's great to hear other progressive Christians out there podcasting!

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